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Why Builders Are Using Premium Brass Neutral Links For The Projects?

What is the purpose of neutral wire and how it is different from ground wire?

The power electricity at our houses is usually retrieved as single phase with Live and the neutral cables connecting to the transformer of the utility company. To secure these wires, builders use brass neutral links, which can be sourced from premium manufacturing units today. The neutral wire is always grounded somewhere. It relies on the location and local electrical codes.

But why the Neutral is grounded by builders? The reason for grounding the Neutral is to provide protection against electric shock and prevent damage to electric appliance. If there is a short from Live to the metal chassis of an appliance, electricity can find a direct path to ground and back to the transformer, which is supplying power to your house. This will enable the fuse or breaker on the Live to burn or trip as soon as possible and prevent the fault from doing any more damage.
If any short between the Neutral and the metal chassis of the appliance occurs and you have not installed any Residual Current Device, the system will not trip, however, the voltage between the earth wire and neutral becomes less than 10V.

Brass neutral link/bar is critical component used in every application of its nature. It plays vital role in isolation of electric equipment and clearing defective downstream with the help of Switchgear and preventing short circuit and protecting electric circuit from overloading damage. Manufacturers of brass neutral links in the market have better understanding and thus, they are committed to provide royal class quality neutral links as per international standards and specifications.

Ground or earth in AC power electrical wiring system acts as a conductor and offers a low-impedance path back to the source to prevent hazardous voltages from occurring. While neutral wire acts as a circuit conductor and simply transmits current. It is connected to ground (earth) at the main electrical panel.

Asian Fasteners is among leading suppliers and exporters of brass neutral links. You can collect various products like brass fasteners and links from Asian Fasteners manufacturers at reasonable rates.

Have something to say about brass neutral links or neutral and ground? Please share your thoughts with other readers and put the points that we should have included in our post. Thank you for your time.

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